Relaxation… without drugs or alcohol.

When I was growing up in my teenage and student year’s people would relax by taking drugs of some sort, prescribed, legal and illegal.

I want to differentiate between natural relaxation and chemical relaxation

Most evenings people have a routine which they go through to relax, sometimes it’s a simple thing like a nice hot bath, sometimes it takes something a little stronger.

To relax and unwind, people use everything from a cup of tea, a cigarette, beer, wine, spirits, right through to Valium, and prescription medication, weed and illegal drugs.

BUT all these drugs (legal or illegal) leave a mark, damaging your body, and are not a sustainable way to relax. I’m sure a few of you out there have actually forgotten what it feels like to be really naturally relaxed.

For most people it may have been their last holiday or maybe when you have had time off. The key to all of this is of course time. You have to take it or make it or suffer the consequences. When you learn to relax properly and switch off, you will hopefully find yourself being a bit happier and have more energy.

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