The Ultimate List of Bridal Lingerie Party Ideas


The Eisa Lifestyle Blog team found this great article on the Judy Small website and they have kindly agree’s for us to publish this on our blog for our readers to enjoy:

bridal lingerie shower is a fun even that not only the bride-to-be looks forward to, but all those brave enough to attend! The brides last soiree as a single woman and it’s almost guaranteed that her girlfriends would make sure she got the best lingerie  money can buy as gifts for the big night and who doesn’t want that!

After a bit of research and sharing of experiences, the team at Judy Small have got a list of task needed for throwing the best lingerie party of your own! The ultimate guide to throwing the most unforgettable lingerie shower that all your single girlfriends are going to ask you to arrange for their parties when they become brides-to-be.

The maid-of-honour, if that’s you, has the delegated task of arranging the bridal lingerie shower. So, let’s get started in helping you with what needs to be arranged.

What is a Lingerie Party?

Let’s make sure you know what a lingerie party is and get any confusion out of the way. A lingerie party is different from the bachelorette party. A lingerie party is a night in where friends of the bride shower her with gifts of lace lingerie, cup less bra’s, through to thongs, G-strings and more. Lingerie parties are best suited for girlfriends rather than the full extended family.

In years gone by, these parties were small gatherings of ladies hosted by lingerie shop owners for brides. At these events, those there could see the shop’s newest selection of lingerie, try things on and make purchases.

Today’s lingerie party, by comparison, is for brides where they get to try on everything from teddy lingerie to sheer lingerie pieces. Girlfriends get to score each piece of lingerie the bride tries on for deciding which ones are going to make it into the bride’s honeymoon luggage. This serves as the main entertainment for the evening and everyone chips in to pay for the beautiful undergarments the bride has chosen. 

Some Tips For An Awesome Lingerie Shower

Planning any type of fun party can still be very stressful for the organiser. Especially planning a party that isn’t their own when a huge success  of a night is expected.

Here is the Judy Small guide you can follow for planning the perfect lingerie party!

1) Venue

Once you have selected the date, the first thing you need to do is get a venue sorted and locked in. The venue decides how everything else will fit in. A great suggestion is to book a large hotel room and make it a slumber party type event. You could also save costs and 

Make sure the event location can be dressed for a lingerie shower with ‘special’ lace type decorations to set the tone of the event.  Let your creativity and innovation take hold so on arriving it has the wow factor that tells everyone its going to be a great event to remember. A great idea is to decorate the walls with graphic ‘sexy’ artwork. Think of it as ‘porn art’ that looks in place for your special event!

2) Invitations

Invitations are a fun way to really start setting the scene. An event page set up on Facebook is a good idea, but a cool design for the traditional posted invites goes down well too. Maybe create an invitation in the shape of a corset and write the bride-to-be’s bust measurements & panty size so it’s useful too. Take some ribbon and glue and create a crisscross pattern into the the shape of a corset. It’s such an easy way to bring your invitation to life and set the scene for a great night. Don’t forget to put the details such as the time and place, parking and special mentions on what to bring.  

3) What to Wear

A theme for the event is important and getting people to come dressed for that theme sets the scene. Stay true to it being a bridal shower lingerie party, but maybe a ‘dress to kill’, bedroom wear or bathroom robe theme will set a great atmosphere of fun and high jinks.

If the budget allows, hiring a photo booth with props like lace eye masks or kinky headbands for added flair to your guest’s lingerie party outfits will be a great hit.

4) Games

Party games are essential to break the ice and relax everyone into having a fun time., especially if not everyone knows one another.  

Pass the Teddy is a Judy Small favourite. It’s a variation of the popular party game musical chairs. Instead of having your guests sweep around chairs, they will be passing around a gift wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper, a bit like a children’s party of pass the parcel.  Only difference is, the package contains a piece of sexy lingerie which the loser has to model for everyone to see. 

Not everyone is going to want to do that so expect the parcel to be tossed around like a hot potato. If you wanted to have a twist to this, have a toy teddy bear wearing lace in the form of a teddy and everyone gets to have a laugh when they see that they have been seating for nothing!

There is nothing like entertainment, especially when its not you being the entertainment! Members of the Judy Small team suggested that a great ice breaker they have experienced is to book and have a surprise male body model make a surprise appearance to strut there stuff and set the scene for a great evening!

5) The Food

Keep the sexy lingerie theme alive with some creative sweets or home-made specially designed cakes that are easy and fun to make! Create cookies in the shape of bras or skimpy lacy panties. You can set up a chocolate fondue fountain, cupcakes or a cheese board with naughty pre-cut cheese pieces as the savory dish. Easy-to-grab chips are a must at any party and certainly needed for your special event.

It goes without saying to make sure to have enough cocktails, shots and wines to get the mood relaxed and the ball rolling! Have a ‘‘party starter alcohol loaded punch’ and add sexy straws for scene setting detail. Don’t forget to pop the champagne on the brides arrival or as she unwraps her gifts. Be sure to serve some non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling grape juice or mocktails for guests who do not drink or are driving.

6) Gifts

Given the bride is the centre piece of the event, its important to get her bust, cup, waist, and hip measurements prior to the even to ensure the garment size is there to fit her on the night. 

Also, if you know she say loves white and lace, make sure it’s clear on the invitation that the theme is lace and any gifts should contain white lingerie. Maybe, if the bride likes kink, a theme such as “50 Shades of Grey” and notify guests to bring BDSM gifts! These gifts could be lingerie with black lace, eye masks, toy whips, bra sets with play wrist cuffs, etc.

It should go without saying, but gifts for the bride should be kinky and sexy as. Look for bridal shower lingerie sets that are crotchless, cup less, sheer, and something that would make everyone’s eyes raise.. The entire purpose behind hosting a lingerie party is to get the bride lingerie that she and her husband to be will enjoy for a very long time. 

7) Giveaways

It is nice to give guests something to remember the event. Giveaways on arrival don’t have to be expensive but giving them something customized like a robe on arrival and asking them to put them on so everyone is wearing the same thing looks awesome in photographs.  

After the party, some have created a website and the photos taken from the party can be accessed for everyone to see with access only via password. Using a Dropbox folder or free Google drive account is also an easy way for people to remember the event. 

As organiser, you can also add to the event by assembling an ‘adult goodie bag’, complete with erotic goodies like a pack of glow-in-the-dark panties, edible underwear or novelty condoms. 

You could also include fun games such as intimate strip poke and hands on ‘twist her’ you can’t go wrong with kinky games. The items you include will only be limited by your budget. It’s a good idea to thank the person for attending and making it a night their girlfriend will remember for ever. 

Make sure to take lots of pictures because these are memories that will be remembered forever!